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How to Register

Application for 2020 GUCDC is now OPEN

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Registration for 2020 GUCDC closes on 28th February 2020.

1. Application

2. Payment

  • GUCCU Member: $599 USD    Non GUCCU Member: $725 USD

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    *Unsure if you are a GUCCU Member? Please contact contact@guccu.org

Total:   499 USD

No. of participants:   

Refund Policy

*Please kindly note you agree the refund policy as below by clicking the “Pay” button.

Please kindly note that, by clicking the ‘pay’ button, you are agreeing to our refund policy below. Refund request made before 31st December are entitled to receive full refund. No refund after 31st December. Any questions, please contact – contact@guccu.org Any transaction/administration fee charged by PayPal or your local bank will not be covered by GUCCU.

*Please note that any transaction fee charged by Paypal will not be refunded by GUCCU.

3. 2020 GUCDC Schedule

Schedule (TBC):

2020.3.21  Arrive in Shanghai – Welcome Dinner
2020.3.22  Job Fair in Shanghai
2020.3.23  Company visit in Shanghai
2020.3.24  Travelling to Chengdu
2020.3.25  Company visit in Chengdu
2020.3.26  Conference Day I (Full Day Conference):
                The Keynote speech from guest speakers
                The Sound of Global Human Resource Industry
                Panel discussion with employer representatives and industry experts
                Gala dinner & Award Ceremony
2020.3.27  Conference Day II (Full Day Conference) :
                Keynote speech from guest speakers
                GUCCU Closing Conference
2020.3.28  Half-day tour in Chengdu

Registration fee includes:

*Compulsory group activities
2020.3. 21      Welcome dinner
2020.3. 23      Lunch
2020.3. 25      Lunch
2020.3.26-27  Lunch
2020.3. 26      Gala Dinner

*Compulsory group transportations. (Except flight from Shanghai to Chengdu or other individual activities)

Fees Include:
Compulsory group transportations (transportation to different employer visits)
Fees Exclude:
Round trip air tickets, transportation from Shanghai to Chengdu, visa fees, accommodation fees and fees occurred for individual activities.