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How to Register

Application for 2020 GUCDC is now OPEN

Please click here to download 2020 GUCDC Invitation

1. Application

2. Payment

  • GUCCU Member: $599 USD    Non GUCCU Member: $725 USD

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    *Unsure if you are a GUCCU Member? Please contact contact@guccu.org

Total:   499 USD

No. of participants:   

3. 2020 GUCDC Schedule

Schedule (TBC):

2020.3.21  Arrive in Shanghai – Welcome Dinner
2020.3.22  Job Fair in Shanghai
2020.3.23  Company visit in Shanghai
2020.3.24  Travelling to Chengdu
2020.3.25  Company visit in Chengdu
2020.3.26  Conference Day I (Full Day Conference):
                The Sound of Global Human Resource Industry
                Gala dinner & Award Ceremony
2020.3.27  Conference Day II (Full Day Conference) :
                GUCCU Closing Conference
2020.3.28  One-day tour in Chengdu

Registration fee includes:

*Compulsory group activities
2020.3. 21      Welcome dinner
2020.3. 23      Lunch
2020.3. 25      Lunch
2020.3.26-27  Lunch
2020.3. 26      Gala Dinner

*Compulsory group transportations. (Except flight from Shanghai to Chengdu or other individual activities)

Fees Include:
Compulsory group transportations (transportation to different employer visits)
Fees Exclude:
Round trip air tickets, transportation from Shanghai to Chengdu, visa fees, accommodation fees and fees occurred for individual activities.